STRUCTUREDepartmentsEducation department

Head of department: Doctor of philosophy in Biology Izzetullayeva Vusala





Tel.: (+994 50) 3559639


 Total number of employees: 3


Specialist: Aslanova Gamar Seyran kizi



Specialist: Malikova Parvin Nuraddin kızı




Main activity directions of the department:


The education department was established to the end of preparation of highly qualified personnel at Masters, Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of science level, implementation of scientific analysis of activity of Masters and Doctors of science, reinforcement of control over education, participation of young scientists and specialists in international education programmes,  preparation of personnel with leading universities and research centres, organization of the online lectures by foreign professors and relations of the Genetic Resources Institute(GRI) with universities.

The education department organises receipt of documents of doctorantsand candidates to degree, abstract writing, creation of test banks and programmes for the admission to the degree programme and minimum exams.

  • Organises exam commission for minimum tests on preparation for the Doctor of Philosophy and prepares test assignments;

Prepares necessary documents for certification of doctoral students and candidates to degree and organises attestation.

Coordinates activity of doctoral students and candidates with Scientific and Education Administration of the Presidium of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences; prepares and submits necessary documents in this sphere.

  • doctorants and candidates to degree submit to the education department reports about their own activity and other pertinent documents.

Organizes implementation of Masters’ education, organizes participation of master students in studies on subjects according to the teaching plan of masters, ensures preparation of Master thesis and its defence.

  • Responsible for establishing relations of the GRI with universities; organizes implementation of programmes at the GRI for Bachelor, Master and other interns sent to the GRI from various universities.
  • Implements assignments of leadership of the Institute in solving issues connected with practice of its employees and young scientists.