Head of structural unit: Phd Haciyev Elchin Saday

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Total number of employees: 9 person, 4 of them are candidates of sciences.

Main activity directions of structural unit:

On the ground of phytopathological and immunological evaluation of resistance of agricultural crops to diseases and pests on natural and artificial background, the identification of varieties tolerant and resistant to various diseases and pests, to establish gene banks and their sustainable utilization. As well as carrying out activities in direction of determination of quarantine diseases and pests of varieties introduced from different countries. Also surveys and monitoring for diseases, using serological (TBIA, ELISA) and molecular (DNA and RNA extraction, PCR technic, Electrophoresis) techniques for the diseases detection, host range, crop losses, transmission, control.

Main scientific results of structural unit:

 As a result of phytopathological and immunological evaluation both on natural and artificial background, the immune, highly resistant, resistant and tolerant plants had been found and these plants can be used as donor material in the selection works for the creation of new  agricultural crop accessions resistant and tolerant to diseases and pests.

The first time in Azerbaijan on wild and cultivated sepsis of cereals and leguminous plants were detected Beal leafroll virus, Beet western yellows virus, Chickpea chlorotic stunt virus, Faba bean necrotic yellows virus, Pea seed-borne mosaic virus, Barley yellow dwarf virus və Cereal yellow dwarf virus and the sequence of virus nucleotide have been investigate and all new isolates (Chickpea -HQ180352; Lentil - HQ180353; Chickpea-HQ199306; Chickpea-HQ199305; Chickpea-HQ180354; Faba bean - GQ371215; Lentil - GQ351600; Triticum aestivum L.-JX275850; JX275851; T. turgidum L.-JX275855; T. dicoccoides L-JX294311; Avena sativa L.-X275857; JX294312) were deposit to international Gene Bank.